Euro million lottery


Draw Deadlines

As EuroMillions is a pan-European lottery, the time at which the draw takes place will differ due to the numerous time zones across the continent. Draws are held in Paris at 21:00 (CET), meaning that players in some of the participating countries face an earlier deadline by which to enter.

Here is a list of the different deadlines for buying EuroMillions tickets:

Country Draw Deadline
Ireland, Portugal, UK 19:30 (Tuesday & Friday)
Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland 20:30 (Tuesday & Friday)

Please note, if you are playing through a lottery concierge service the cut off time for entry will usually be a couple of hours before the actual draw deadline.

Our Story

December 2002: Site Launch

Back in the prehistoric days of the internet, before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, was launched. At the time, there was approximately 1/50th of the amount of websites in existence that there currently are today. We began offering information to users on how they could win millions of Euros in European lottery games.

February 2004: EuroMillions Launches in France, Spain and the UK

More than a year after went live, the EuroMillions lottery was launched in France, Spain and the United Kingdom. was able to provide results for the exciting new pan-European lottery for the (then) weekly draw and has been doing so ever since.

Fun fact: In the first ever EuroMillions draw, 8.2% of prizes were won in the UK, 15.8% were won in Spain and a whopping 76% were won in France!

May 2008: The First Redesign

With increasing interest in EuroMillions across the continent, we released the first redesign of The new design brought about an improved user experience, better navigation and more valuable information for you, the user.

December 2008: Multilingual Versions of Launched

As begins to attract users from around the world, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Russian language versions of the site are launched. This allowed us to begin offering the same valuable information to multiple new audiences.

July 2012: A Record-Breaking Month

Our busiest month to-date continues to be July 2012, thanks to a promotional ‘100 UK Millionaires’ Raffle draw in the UK. The draw on 27th July also marked the opening of the 2012 London Olympics, which the UK National Lottery celebrated by turning 100 EuroMillions players into overnight millionaires. On that weekend alone, more than 10.3 million page views were racked up on!

September 2013: The Second Redesign

As an increasing number of site users are visiting us on mobile devices, our biggest redesign to date was launched on 23rd September 2013. The new layout was optimised with the mobile user in mind, bringing a modern design and improved navigation, making the site easier to access for all users.

October 2015: Login Area and Free Lottery Launched

Due to popular demand, a login area of was launched, allowing users to enter and save tickets into the Checker. This was great news for those running syndicates, who were able to easily manage tickets and members of their syndicates.

The Free Lottery was also launched on the site, offering Daily and Weekly draw prizes for those who match the winning combination.

December 2018: New Languages Added

With Arabic, Dutch and Thai sections added to the site, is now available in 13 languages! They are: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Thai and Arabic.

January 2020: A New App

A new updated version of the app was launched after lots of hard work behind the scenes, bringing you fresh features to improve your experience. You are now able to scan your tickets (UK only) and see within a matter of seconds if you’ve won a prize. The old design has been thrown out and a completely fresh, modern layout has been implemented.


Общий приз Онлайн
До 500 £ включительно После розыгрыша призы перечисляются непосредственно на ваш счет National Lottery, выигрыши можно вывести на банковский счет или использовать для покупки новых билетов.
От 500 £ до 30 000 £ В течение периода запроса (180 дней со дня розыгрыша) необходимо подтвердить перечисление выигрыша на банковский счет с помощью дебетовой карты, зарегистрированной в вашем онлайн-счете.
От 30 000 £ до 50 000 £ Данные выигрыши можно запросить, позвонив в группу обслуживания клиентов национальной лотереи (National Lottery Customer Care Team) по телефону 0845 278 8000, чтобы оформить выплату выигрышей. Пожалуйста, имейте под рукой билет или номер игрока, а также банковские реквизиты.
Более 50 000 £ Вам необходимо обратиться в группу обслуживания клиентов национальной лотереи (National Lottery Customer Care Team) по телефону 0845 278 8000, чтобы запросить выигрыш. Представитель национальной лотереи все подготовит для того, чтобы вы лично получили ваш выигрыш в согласованном месте, например, у вас дома или в региональном лотерейном центре.
Прямое дебетование Если вы играете онлайн с помощью прямого дебетования (Direct Debit) и выигрываете приз до 50 000 £ включительно, призовые деньги будут перечислены на ваш банковский счет с помощью банковского перевода или чека.
Общий приз Официальный пункт продажи
До 100 £ Выигрыши можно запросить в любом официальном пункте продажи.
От 100 £ до 500 £ Можно затребовать в любом официальном пункте продажи при условии, что у него есть достаточно средств, и что ваш билет еще не был утвержден. Если ваш билет был утвержден, вы должны вернуться в розничный пункт продажи, который первоначально утвердил, билет, или запросить приз в почтовом отделении, аффилированном с национальной лотереей.
От 500 £ до 50 000 £

Можно запросить в почтовом отделении, аффилированном с национальной лотереей, или отправив выигрышный билет с заполненной формой запроса (только для призов более 500 £) по почтовому* адресу:

The National Lottery
Accounts Dept
PO BOX 287
WD18 9TT

Формы запроса можно получить в некоторых розничных пунктах продажи или позвонив в национальную лотерею по телефону 0845 910 0000

Более 50 000 £ Сначала вам необходимо связаться с национальной лотереей и оформить выдачу приза в согласованной месте, например, у вас дома или в региональном лотерейном центре. Вам потребуется представить документ, удостоверяющий личность, и заполнить запрос, чтобы получить выигрыш.

Игроки в EuroMillions из Великобритании могут запросить выигрыши в течение 180 дней.

Predicting the Outcome of the EuroMillions Draw

You have to understand that probability theory is simply a reliable guide.  Naturally, the expected frequency and the actual frequency will not always match exactly.

You use probability to predict the future outcome of the game to guide you on how to play your game.

For example, if we want to know in advance the outcome of EuroMillions after 2000 draws, we use the same formula for expected frequency:

If we are to predict the outcome of all the odd-even patterns, we will come up with the following prediction table below:

Pattern Probability Estimated Occurrence in 2000 draws
3-odd-2-even 0.3256621797655230 651 times
2-odd-3-even 0.3256621797655230 651 times
4-odd-1-even 0.1492618323925310 299 times
4-even-1-odd 0.1492618323925310 299 times
All-odd 0.0250759878419453 50 times
All-even 0.0250759878419453 50 times

As a smart EuroMillions player, you don’t want to waste your money on patterns with low probability. That is the power of probability calculation as we apply it in EuroMillions.

As a lotto player, you want to win the jackpot. Therefore, you should stick with either 3-odd-2-even or 2-odd-3-even and forget about the rest of the patterns.

You get the same idea when it comes to low-high patterns.  You don’t want to pick a combination whose composition is purely low numbers or strictly high numbers.

However, EuroMillions is not only about low-high or odd-even patterns.

We discuss low-high and odd-even patterns to show that the lottery can be predicted to an extent.  But the low-high and odd-even patterns don’t provide the whole picture of the EuroMillions game.

You must understand the EuroMillions game as a whole if you want to win the game.  For you to achieve that, you have to understand intricate combinatorial patterns, which is the real key to EuroMillions’ success.

Let’s proceed to discuss what advanced patterns can do to level up your lotto playing strategy.

Types of EuroMillions Scams

EuroMillions scams can turn the popular dream of winning a jackpot into a costly nightmare. Here are some of the most popular methods used by fraudsters.

The first point of contact is generally made using one of the following approaches:

Direct Mail

A letter is sent through the post informing the recipient that they have won a lottery prize and need to register their claim in order for their winnings to be processed.


A ‘lottery official’ calls the potential victim to tell them about the ‘good news’ and, during the telephone call, will try to extract a payment and/or bank details under the pretence that a ‘processing fee’ or ‘tax’ needs to be paid.

Some scammers have taken to selling fake lottery tickets over the phone. They will ask for payment upfront, requiring the target to disclose their bank details, but the tickets are never sent as they do not exist.


A text message is sent informing the recipient that their mobile number was entered into a raffle or lottery and selected at random as the winner.

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